30-Day Happiness Tune-Up Course

The 30-Day Happiness Tune-Up Course

What would your life look like if you were more upbeat, confident, and energetic?!

You could and would…

  • solve problems faster
  • get more done in less time
  • believe in yourself more
  • be your own cheering squad
  •  be healthier
  •  use 30% more of your brainpower
  • have more friends
  • make more money

If you know that you want to join The 30-Day Happiness Tune-Up Course right now, just click here and you’ll have access to Liah’s program IMMEDIATELY.   If you would like more information, just keep reading.

What’s pulling your energy and outlook down right now?

It may be your job. Your business. Your in-laws. Your marriage or relationship. The kids. The finances. Your health. A disappointment. A betrayal. A death. A divorce. LIFE DOES HAPPEN.

Maybe you’re feeling…

  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated
  • Exhausted
  • Lonely
  • Low in confidence
  • Mad at yourself
  • Depressed
  • Mad at someone else
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Scared
  • Uncertain about the future
  • Wanting to stay under the covers

Do you know that you can feel better in less than 5 minutes?

And you don’t have to wait for a therapist appointment.

If you had, at your fingertips, a tool to help you lift out of that muck in less than 5 minutes, you would get your life back.

You could use it first thing in the day, last thing at night, and whenever you need it.  No waiting.

Not only can you turn around a downward dive in minutes, but you can become a new person step-by-step over a period of 30 days.

Yes, you can fix the moment.

AND would you also like to be more resilient, clearer thinking, and steadily happier on a regular basis?

If you knew that in the space of one single month you could feel like a new person — happier, more successful, and more confident, would you take 10 minutes a day to do that?

Because you can.

40,000 people have already done it.

You will be amazed at the good things that will show up in your life as you get back to you.

I’ve created that 30 Day tool for YOU. It’s called the
30 Day Happiness Tune-Up.

I will guide you through every day for 30 days. I’ll be by your side – in words, voice and video. I’ll be your daily friend to get you through this and then beyond it.

You truly can become a new person in 30 days– and that person is simply a revealing of who you truly are already.

Can you learn to be more consistently happy?

What is your emotional range on a daily basis on a scale of 1 to 100?  Have you ever thought about it?

Many years ago, as I look back with new insight, I realize that my happiness range was probably from 1 to 35 on a scale of 100.  Today, my emotional range is 75 to 100.

I had to learn how to be happy.  Then, I decided to learn to become even happier.  The happier I’ve learned to become, the more quickly new success follows.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from

I already had a tendency to become depressed. But then life happened on top of that: early death of my mother, divorce, financial problems, second-guessing career choices.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit under the weather because of the situation – – illness, divorce, death, downsizing, business challenges… and the list goes on.

You know that the difficult situation won’t last forever — but it doesn’t have to take your health, sanity, friends and money with it. You get on the other side of this challenge safely and strongly.

From being depressed and under the covers to going to the Oprah show as an author/expert

You may know, as I have come to know, that happiness breeds success.  And you know, as I do, that the happier you become on a consistent basis, the faster and bigger you will magnetize your dreams.  I absolutely know that that is true.

I went from being at rock bottom, to writing “30 Days to Happiness: Setting Yourself Up to Win in Life”, to appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show. “30 Days to Happiness” became a Best-Seller, and I began to speak around the world.

The writing of that book was guided by an angel, every word of it. I couldn’t have done it myself. Particularly at that time. It saved my life. You don’t have to believe the angel part. Just try it for yourself.

Being happy isn’t a 10 minute a day deal

Some people think that if they visualize or do positive self talk for 5 minutes a day it will work like a magic bullet.  I wish it were that easy!  Saying affirmations or positive self talk for ten minutes a day for two days will probably not change your life.

It’s about Re-Patterning Your Habitual Responses

But I can tell you that when I consistently worked with my “30 Days to Happiness” book, doing the steps that are suggested for each day, I could not go back to being the person I had been.  And when I repeated the program, I found that not only did it reinforce what I learned, but I discovered that I was truly re-patterning myself.


I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me the very first time I did the program. Then I did it again. And again. Each time, I felt like a layer of old debris was peeled away.

You can learn to be OPTIMISTIC

I realized that I had learned how to be pessimistic. I had learned to expect life to be a struggle. I had learned how to play it safe and keep my nose to the grindstone. My parents had lived that way.

And I also realized that I could learn to live happier. I could learn new ways of thinking and responding.

At first, I felt guilty that I didn’t want to live with struggle. Then, I realized that my mother would have wanted me to have a much more satisfying, yes, even HAPPY life than she had experienced.

I allowed myself to break out of that prison a little at a time, then for longer periods, and finally — one day, I realized that I was actually becoming a truly happy person!

Then, the “MAGIC” begins

Amazing things started happening in my life. Again, I was on Oprah, and “30 Days to Happiness” became a best-seller. I pitched an idea to CNN and they hired me to be the on-air host of the show segment. PBS produced my television special, “The Myths of Happiness”, and it became one of the most highly successful specials in the country. I became a head writer on a television show in Hollywood. Why did these great things start happening in my life?

You have more ENERGY when you’re happier

It’s true. You sleep better. You feel like exercising. You have great ideas occurring to you. You take action on those ideas. You follow through because you have a new-found sense of optimism that the idea is an integral part of the plan for your life. You complete things faster. You complete things – period.

You’re SMARTER when you’re happier

Research shows that when you have a sense of well-being, your cognitive ability increases up to 30%. Yes, that means you’re using more of your intelligence when you’re happier. Would that be of value to you when you’re running a business? — or trying to stay ahead of your kids? — or dealing with changing circumstances?

You’re MORE ATTRACTIVE when you’re happier

True also. When you feel more buoyant, you smile more easily, the smile stays on your face longer, you stand up straighter, you let yourself relax a bit more, you stop being so hyper-vigilant, and you look ten years younger. Relaxation takes lots of years off your face.

You ATTRACT positive people when you’re happier

I’ll bet that you’ll agree that when you have more positive expressions and words, people want to be around you. And I’ll also bet that you’ve found that the flip side of that is also true.

You ATTRACT opportunities when you’re happier

When you feel good, buoyant, and vibrant, wonderful events, circumstance and opportunities show up. And because you feel good, you jump on them, gratefully accepting and appreciating whatever force brought them into your life.

And the better you feel, the more wonderful the possibilities. That’s why I know that it’s even more beneficial to do the 30 Day course more than once.  You’ll see.

The 30 Day Happiness Tune-Up
Home Study Course

I have now expanded the “30 Days to Happiness” book program to help in an even better way. My new program includes not only text, and it adds:  audio, video and a home-study workbook course.

For 30 Days, you’ll receive in your in-box:

  • 30 Chapters in a step-by-step format, printable PDF
  • 30 Audio Chapters to download and play on computer or MP3
  • 30 Workbook Chapters to print and work with (PDF)
  • More than 20 videos to accompany the day’s focus


  • A Live Q&A session with Liah via tele-seminar phone line! Email your questions in advance
  • Complete PDF of the Best-Selling Book:
    “30 Days to Happiness: Setting Yourself Up to Win in Life”Let’s GET STARTED!  Join me TODAY.
    The regular price of this course is $197.For a very limited time, it is only $97 !FAST ACTION TAKER BONUS:  For joining within the next 24 hours, you will also receive the 60-minute program:
    “Super-Size Your Happiness!”  as an MP3

If you would like to do an easy 3-pay of only $37 each, spaced at every 10 days, just click on the orange button below.

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